Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE)


Established in 2001, Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE) aims at providing high-quality programmes that meet the needs of learners, industries and Hong Kong society at large, and offering a well-established learning pathway for learners at different levels. Currently, LIFE provides an array of full-time and part-time programmes for lifelong learning and career advancement, covering Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma, Diploma of Applied Education, Applied Learning Course, LU Elder Academy, Lifelong Learning programmes and Corporate Training.

LIFE offers quality academic programmes characterised by a student-centred teaching and learning approach. Through a wide range of inside and outside classroom learning activities that are inspiring and conducive to personal development, the Institute prepares students for higher-level academic achievements, personal growth, whole-person development and contribution to society. LIFE works closely with stakeholders such as different units of the University, government agencies, professional bodies, businesses, industries, alumni, students and secondary schools to ensure relevance and high quality of the programmes.