School of Graduate Studies


The School of Graduate Studies (GS) is the central unit responsible for overseeing matters pertaining to academic development and quality assurance and enhancement (QA&E) of postgraduate (Pg) programmes. It also provides administrative support and services at the university central level to Research Postgraduate (RPg) studies in promotion, admission, student records, study progress, assessment and financial support. Besides, the School offers Pg programmes of its own and provides administrative support for its student-/programme-related matters at the department and faculty levels.


GS aims to create a desirable and lively environment conducive for student research and learning via creating and engaging in research platforms and opportunities that foster academic exchanges between staff and students and offering experiential learning experiences to students, both in the regional and global contexts. Conferences and seminars are regularly organised with renowned local and overseas institutions, enhancing international, regional and local collaborations.


Other major roles and functions include:

  • To formulate and review strategies for the academic development of postgraduate and professional training programmes so as to position the University as one of the learning institutions in postgraduate studies in the local, regional and international contexts;
  • To seek proactive collaboration with leading institutions in the regional and international academic communities to enhance the international profile of Lingnan University, and to perform a central coordinating role in developing, promoting and governing newly launched inter-university and inter-faculty postgraduate programmes;
  • To develop and review academic policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures to govern postgraduate programmes/studies and to oversee their implementation to uphold and enhance quality of postgraduate provision;
  • To initiate enhancement measures and provide robust support to existing postgraduate programmes in offering the best-of-class educational experience;
  • To enhance learning and teaching by the implementation of best practices and whole-person development across the postgraduate programmes in a timely, consistent and systematic manners; and
  • To develop activities to establish a stronger Learning Community and expand the learning space for Lingnan postgraduate students.