Teaching and Learning Technology via Quality Education

Teaching and Learning Technology via Quality Education

Blending the learning environment: The place of eLearning

The use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the context of education (eLearning) continues to grow and develop and is having a major impact on the student learning experience at all levels: social, academic and professional. Through the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), the Library, and the Information Technology Services Centre, the University provides considerable support for the use of ICTs as powerful means of enriching and enhancing teaching and learning, and of facilitating the assessment of learning outcomes. While there is no mandated use for ICTs within the University, search engines, online scholarly resources, networking and collaboration tools, and other ICTs offer powerful opportunities for teachers and students alike to engage, collaborate, and communicate more effectively while undertaking research, analysis, writing, and other academic work, and to reconceptualise the learning and teaching environment in the light of contemporary affordances.


Many professional fields, into which many of Lingnan’s graduates routinely go, require significant skills in the use of ICTs, and the University has taken a major step to introduce a compulsory Information Technology Fluency test together with self-study resources to ensure that students become ICT literate.


Enabling Student Teaching and Learning Through the Use of Emerging Technologies

Lingnan University is dedicated to enabling student teaching and learning through the use of emerging technologies. The Sub-Committee on Teaching and Learning (SCTL) has approved 13 Teaching Development Grant proposals focused on innovative pedagogy and the integration of technologies such as Generative AI (GAI) and Virtual Reality (VR). With the introduction of ChatGPT and immersive VR projects, we aim to enhance student learning experiences across various courses. We are committed to continuous improvement and will continue to share the results of our projects with the university community to foster a culture of learning.