Global Partners


To broaden the global experiences of students and faculty, we have been dedicated to building a multi-cultural campus and actively establishing strategic collaborations with institutions worldwide. Today, we have established over 270 exchange partnerships with higher education institutions in more than 50 countries, providing exchange opportunities for about 80% of our undergraduates before the COVID-19 global pandemic.



Lingnan has always been committed to providing quality education that prepares students to become caring, knowledgeable and responsible citizens, not only of Hong Kong but also of the global community. We are the first university in Hong Kong to set up an individual office in 2006 to focus on Service-Learning (S-L), which enables students to put theory into practice and deliver meaningful services to the community using their academic knowledge.

Starting from 2016-17 intake, S-L will become a graduation requirement, signifying our commitment to community engagement and deep learning through experience.


Community Service

As encapsulated in Lingnan University’s motto “Education for Service”, the University has a long-standing tradition of community service that all Lingnanians take pride in and strive to carry forward. Apart from Service-Learning, we also promote other forms of community service to engage with our society and help those in need.


Recruit Talents

The Office of Student Affairs assists students to make informed career choices commensurate with their talents, interests and aptitude in preparation for employment after graduation. The Centre will work in partnerships with academic departments, employers and alumni to provide guidance for students through different phases of the career planning stage.  Recruitment talks and placement activities are held throughout the year to provide students with the latest job market information and channels for direct interaction with employers.