Vision, Mission and Core Values

At Lingnan, liberal arts education is achieved through the University’s broad-based curriculum, close staff-student relationship, rich residential campus life and extra-curricular activities, active community service and multi-faceted workplace experience, strong alumni and community support, and global learning opportunities.



To excel as a leading Asian liberal arts university with international recognition, distinguished by outstanding teaching, learning, scholarship and community engagement.




Lingnan University is committed to

  • providing quality whole-person education by combining the best of the Chinese and Western liberal arts traditions;
  • encouraging faculty and students to contribute to society through original research and knowledge transfer.




Education for service



Core Values

  • A collegial community of learning and discovery for students and scholar-teachers 
    Lingnan aims to build a community of learning and discovery with collegial students and scholar-teachers who respect each other, keep an open mind, embrace diversity, appreciate different views, uphold academic freedom and freedom of expression, and accept responsibility for their words and deeds.
  • Whole-person cultivation and all-round development 
    Lingnan endeavours to cultivate students’ whole-person and all-round growth. It encourages students to pursue independent and critical thinking, creativity and innovation, excellent communication skills including a high level of literacy, social responsibility, personal virtue, cultural accomplishment and a passion for lifelong learning.
  • Community engagement and social responsibility 
    Lingnan encourages its members to care for others, to be responsible for their own actions, to serve the local community and beyond, and to make a positive impact for the betterment of humanity.
  • The Lingnan spirit 
    The Lingnan spirit, which has flourished since Lingnan’s founding in Canton (Guangzhou) in 1888 as Christian College in China, has served over the years to bond all Lingnanians together, and continues to inspire the University today. The Lingnan spirit is marked by passion, loyalty, perseverance, openness to different ideas and cultures, and a readiness to serve.