School of Interdisciplinary Studies

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) positions at the fusion of excellence of interdisciplinary research and education, which is centred around sustainability and underpinned by fundamental engineering science for a smart future.

The School comprises the Office of the Core Curriculum, Science Unit and Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit (WBLMP), which provide a wide range of interdisciplinary and general education courses, activities of different forms, and many other innovative interdisciplinary initiatives.

Undergraduate Programmes

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) offers three innovative undergraduate programmes that take an interdisciplinary approach to important global issues. Through combining perspectives and skillsets from multiple academic disciplines, our undergraduate offerings empower students to think both broadly and deeply about pressing challenges.


Three Undergraduate Programmes:

Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Honours) in Global Development and Sustainability

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports Coaching and Event Management

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Public Management and Smart Governance


By integrating perspectives from Lingnan's renowned faculty across arts, business and social sciences, our interdisciplinary undergraduate programmes encourage students to examine global challenges from new vantage points. SIS programmes incorporate rich experiential learning through features like guest lectures, service-learning, visits, capstone projects, internships and exchange programmes. This hands-on approach aligns theory with practice, cultivating skills through applying knowledge gained in the classroom. Experiential elements profoundly enhance students' academic experience and career preparedness.

Research and Knowledge Transfer

SIS is at the unique position of promoting Lingnan’s broader impact, in particular translational knowledge transfer through transformative research-academia-industry capacity building, and places itself as a leader in science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area, and globally.


The research areas undertaken by the SIS team span a wide range of topics focused on sustainability and interdisciplinary approaches. Strategic research focus areas include climate change and carbon neutrality, clean energy and energy storage, material genomics and the AI/ML-assisted design of advanced materials, and sustainable environments and infrastructure for AI adoption. Additional areas of inquiry involve fields such as healthcare, urban climate, environmental health, ecology, robotics, and biology in the digital era. By drawing on expertise from multiple disciplines, the team conducts innovative scholarly work on some of society's most pressing sustainability challenges through a holistic and solution-oriented lens.