The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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  Events/News Highlight



  • events1920T2

    *NEW* Online ILP (Intellectual Development) - Science Seminars


    (From left) Miss Viena Mak (Spokesman of Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society), Miss Daphne Wong (Film Director) and Prof. Sung Yik Hei shared their insights about environmental conservation in H.K. after the screening of a documentary "The Beathing Room" on 19 Sep 2019.

  • WWF-HK

    In collaboration with WWF-HK, Science Unit invited Ms. Kay Wong (Founder of Fashion Clinic) and Mr. Wilson Lam (Project Manager of the Clothing Industry Training Authority) to share their insights of sustainable fashion on 11 Apr 2019.

  • ding li

    Dr. Ding Li, Associate Professor of the College of Sciences in Hainan Normal University shared about intestinal microbes and human health on 28 Mar 2019.

  • waste sorting

    Science Unit, Ecobus and the Environmental Protection Department co-organized a hands-on workshop about waste sorting and clean recycling on 14 Mar 2019.

  • oberlin

    Science Unit and Office and Service Learning co-organized a science seminar about design thinking with Oberlin College on 22 Jan 2019.

  • esri

    Mr. Paul Tsui (the middle one), Managing Director of Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited shared about location intelligence and smart techology in the society on 1 Nov 2018.

  • slide1

    Prof. Jonathan Fong (back, left) and Dr. Xoni Ma (front, left) led a group of students to Nam Sang Wai for field studies of the course “CLD9018 Natural History of Hong Kong” on 3 Mar 2017.

  • infoday

    Enthusiastic participation in the science tour organised on Information Day of 21 October 2017.

  • opening

    CCGEO, Science Unit and Senior Management joined together at the opening ceremony of our new offices on 17 October 2017.

  • linliu

    Dr. Lin Lui, visiting scholar of the Science Unit, joins Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and Ocean Park to release captive sea turtles in June 2017.

  • jonresearch

    Prof. Jonathan Fong and his research partners unveiled poaching activities within China’s nature April 2017.

  • mirth

    Mirth TANG (Year 3 student), was inspired to explore ecology after taking CLD9017, scratching the neck of a giant tortoise during her study trip to Mauritius in Jan 2017.

  • jon

    Elderly students expressed appreciation to Prof. Fong for his wonderful teaching in April 2016.

  • su

    Prof. Mark McGINLEY (Professor & Head) and Prof. Jonathan Fong (Assistant Professor) established the Science Unit in August 2015.