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Meet Professor Joe Qin, the visionary new President of Lingnan University, steering a historic institution into the digital age. Embracing a legacy that blends Eastern and Western educational philosophies, President Qin is set to integrate AI and data science at the core of Lingnan's liberal arts excellence.
Lingnan University, renowned for its exceptional education and impactful research, bridges cultures and ideas to meet contemporary global challenges. Tracing its roots to 1888, Lingnan champions a liberal arts approach, interdisciplinary collaboration, and experiential learning, nurturing a dynamic campus community. The university's focus on entrepreneurship and innovation actively contributes to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals through international partnerships. Immerse yourself in the unique Lingnan ethos of passion, resilience, and openness to a world of ideas.
This video highlights Lingnan University's deep heritage and evolving culture, portraying the campus's seasonal beauty and the lively student experience. From September's greenery to winter's chill and spring's renewal, the university is a backdrop to students' personal and academic growth. It's more than an educational institution; it's a cradle for aspirations. Lingnanians of all eras find motivation and camaraderie here, forging a community that endures across time.