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  1. Access to Online Application 
    An applicant may access the University's Online Admission System via the Internet at one programme can be applied for in one application. An applicant who wishes to apply for two programmes has to submit two applications.

  2. Language Used in Applications, Number of Applications and Late Applications
    An applicant should complete the online application in ENGLISH.

    An applicant is expected to submit one application indicating one programme choice. The maximum number of programmes an applicant may apply for is two. The programme choice(s) cannot be changed after submission. Application for more than two programmes or applications for the same programme may lead to disqualification of all the applications concerned and any fees paid will be forfeited. For PhD applicants submitting applications in both ways, i.e. via Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) and directly to the University, the total number of programmes each applicant can apply for is also limited to two

    Late applications will be only considered for Direct Admissions to Lingnan on a case-by-case basis, subject to the availability of places. Late application fee will be charged accordingly. 

  3. Uploading of Documents
    An applicant should upload a detailed research proposal, one for each application to the Online Admission System.

    The applicant should substantiate the qualifications entered on the application forms by uploading the following documents to the Online Admission System:


    a copy of the graduation certificate(s) and transcript(s) with a complete record of courses attended and examination results of his/her undergraduate studies and above; and


    a copy of the relevant documents, e.g. reports of GMAT/TOEFL results and certificates of professional qualifications.

    HKPFS applicants are additionally required to submit the following supporting documents:


    a brief research plan (to describe the proposed research topic and plan) and past research experience;


    a vision statement;


    a statement of his/her own international experience; and


    a TOEFL/IELTS test report (for an applicant whose degree is from a non-English speaking tertiary institution. For more details, please refer to Section 5 of Admission Criteria and Requirements).

    If an applicant is selected for admission, he/she will be required to arrange for


    the relevant institution(s) to send directly to the University a copy of his/her official transcript(s) for the bachelor’s degree(s) and above qualification(s) he/she has obtained; and


    the relevant authority to send directly to the University a copy of his/her official TOEFL/GMAT/GRE score report, if applicable. [Institution codes – TOEFL: C456/ GMAT: 7113/ GRE: 9303]

    Furthermore, the successful applicant shall show the originals of the documents and identity documents (viz. HKID Card/Passport/Certificate of Identity) to the School of Graduate Studies for verification.


    It is NOT necessary for applicants to


    upload the copy of his/her identity/travel document(s) to the Online Admission System;


    send by post the documents to the School of Graduate Studies after uploading them to the Online Admission System except otherwise requested.

  4. Confidential Reference
    Two confidential references are required in support of an application (three confidential references are necessary in support of an application to PhD in Business programme. At least one should be an academic referee). Please download the "Confidential Report Form" from the Online Application System (on the page where the applicant enters the information on confidential reference). The applicant shall complete Part A of the report forms and send them to his/her referees for completion of Part B. A referee should be a person who is in a position to give evaluation of the capacity of the applicant to carry out the proposed research. The referee should return the completed form of confidential reference directly to the School of Graduate Studies of Lingnan University before the deadline for applications. 

  5. Payment of Application Fee and Acknowledgement from the University 
    An application is valid and accepted only when the payment procedures are successfully completed, i.e. successful payment of the application fee by a Visa or MasterCard Credit Card; or a UnionPay online. Only one programme can be chosen for each online application with an application fee of HK$200 per programme (late application fee: HK$400 per programme). An applicant who wishes to apply for two programmes shall submit two applications and make two payments. 

    Once the application is successfully submitted, the programme choice cannot be changed. The applicant can however update his/her personal details (if necessary), by informing the School of Graduate Studies via email ([email protected]) or by post to the following address: School of Graduate Studies, Room 03, UG/F, Lau Chung Him Building, Lingnan University, 8 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong.

    An acknowledgement email with the application number assigned and payment reference number will be sent to the applicant upon each online payment transaction. The applicant should quote the application number and his/her full name in all future correspondence with the University. The applicant should check with the School of Graduate Studies if he/she does not receive the acknowledgement email. 

    An applicant should make sure that the application submitted is complete and in order. If an application received by the University is incomplete or not in order, the University has the authority to nullify the application.

    An application once submitted cannot be withdrawn and all submitted documents will not be returned. Any false or misleading information given in the forms or any dishonest conduct observed during the admission application process will lead to disqualification of the application for admission to or termination of studies at Lingnan University if admitted. Any fees paid will be forfeited.

  6. Priority of Applications
    If an applicant submits two applications to apply for two programmes, the programme chosen in the application submitted earlier will be regarded as the first choice and the one chosen in the application submitted later will be regarded as the second choice. The order of programme priority cannot be changed. 

  7. Plagiarism Checking 
    Plagiarism is not tolerated with a view to upholding a highly professional and ethical standard amongst our research postgraduate students. The University will conduct plagiarism checking on the research proposal, research plan and vision statement that applicants submitted. 

  8. An applicant should read the Notes to Applicants Regarding Personal Information Submitted to the University. For general information about the University, please refer to

Online Admission System


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