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Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the 2024-25 academic year are under review. The tuition fee for the 2023-24 academic year for individual full-time MPhil/PhD programmes is HK$42,100, payable by two equal instalments of HK$21,050 each. The first instalment is payable on first registration while the second one before the start of the second term. Self-financed students are required to pay HK$84,200* (full-time) and HK$56,134 (part-time).

* Some collaborative programmes may charge a higher rate, which is subject to review on an academic yearly-basis. Please refer to individual programme pages for more information.

For details of tuition waiver, please read Tuition Waiver


A deposit of HK$600 (subject to adjustment) is payable by all students on first registration and is refundable only when a student has completed at least one academic year and, withdraws officially from the University or his/her study is discontinued by the University. A deduction will be made by the University for any outstanding debts not previously settled.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of HK$600 (subject to adjustment) is payable upon approval for graduation. The full amount or the balance of the deposit paid on first registration is used to pay this graduation fee. If the balance is insufficient to pay the entire fee, a student must pay the difference before the degree is awarded.


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