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Environmental Science

Current Research Areas in Science

Environmental Science

  • Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

    • Behaviural ecology and eco-physiology

    • Develpment of new technologies to aid in wildlife trade enforcement

    • Freshwater and terrestrial eclogy

    • Functional and applied ecology

    • Insect diversity and conservation

    • Intertidal ecology

    • Phylogenetics and population genetics

    • Surveys of the wildlife trade in Asia

    • Thermal bilogy

    • Urban ecology


  • Urban Climate, Air Pollution, and Environmental Health

    • 3D-GIS and spatial modelling

    • Environmental and social impact assessment (urban climate and air pollution)

    • Environmental epidemiology and health technologies

    • Environmental consciousness and sustainability


  • Science and Environmental Education


For research interests of individual staff members, please refer to the website of Science Unit which can be accessed via