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Past Activities
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26th September, 2022: Launching Ceremony of “STEAM Education Masters Series 2022”

July, 2021 - August, 2022:Lingnan Student Voluntary Tutoring Scheme: building an online teaching and learning platform to provide teaching and learning support for teachers and students in rural areas of China

27th November, 2021: “STEM Education Project for the Youth” Junior High School Competition and Award Ceremony

July, 2021: "The Third Future Engineers Grand Challenge" successfully ended with over 100 teams

March, 2021: Lecture Series on Innovative Technology X Finance: the Status Quo and Future Trends of Financial Technology Development

May, 2020 - July, 2021: The Second Future Engineer Grand Challenge


July 19, 2019: The "3rd International Young STEAM Maker Competition and the 2nd Young STEM Grand Challenge" was successfully held in Lingnan University (Chinese Only)

April 6, 2019: STEAM Education and Research Center of Lingnan University hosts "STEAM Series for Current Engineers: Workshop on Future Technology Trends and Application" for teachers and Lingnan students (Chinese Only)

March 30, 2019: The "First Future Engineers Competition" was successfully held in Hong Kong (Chinese Only)

26th March, 2019: STEAM x A.I. Workshop (Chinese Only)

18th January 2019:2019 Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology Award


21st September 2018:Intelligent Innovation Education Seminar for Primary and Secondary School Principals (Chinese Only)

28th July 2017:Lingnan University and National Institute of Education Sciences co-hosted the award ceremony of the 2018 “Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau Youth STEAM Maker Competition” and the inauguration ceremony of “Mainland – Hong Kong STEM Education Research Centre” (Chinese Only)


24th July 2017:2017 “Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau Youth STEAM Maker Competition” (Chinese Only)