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WYL231, Dorothy Y L Wong Building
Department of Sociology and Social Policy
Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Alex Preda holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Bielefeld and a Dr. habil. from the University of Konstanz, Germany. Before joining Lingnan University, he has held positions at the Universities of Konstanz, Edinburgh, King’s College London, and visiting positions at the University of Chicago. He works at the intersection of economic sociology and the sociology of science and technology. His current research projects focus on the blockchain economy and on digital art markets, respectively.

  • Social Interactions and Technology
  • The Emergence of New Markets
  • Expertise and Professions in Markets
  • Valuation Processes in Social Exchanges
  • Digital Organizations

BA (University of Bucharest), PhD (University of Bielefeld), Dr. habil. (University of Konstanz)



Articles and Book Chapters (Recent Selection)


“Purity and Dangers. Market Making, Structural Uncertainty, and Circuits of Exchange” (with Julie Valk and Ruowen Xu), Economy and Society, in print.

“Rivalry as a Social Relationship. Conceptualizing the Micro-foundations of Competition.” Distinktion. Journal of Social Theory, 2023, 24/1: 87-110.

“Strategic Interaction.” Entry in the Erving Goffman Handbook, ed. by Karl Lenz and Robert Hettlage. Stuttgart: Metzler, June 2022.

“Performance and Learning in Ambiguous Environments. A Study of Crypto Traders” (with Roland Gemayel). International Review of Financial Analysis 77, 2021:

“Scopic Systems and Decision-Making in Financial Markets.” Co-authored with Roland Gemayel. Pp. 262-76 in The Brain and the Social. Methods and Philosophy of Integrating Neuroscience and Economics, ed. by Jens Harbecke and Carsten Herrmann-Pillath. London: Routledge, 2020.

“Financial Noise” pp. 96-114 in the Routledge Handbook of Critical Finance Studies, ed. by Christian Borch and Robert Wosnitzer. London: Routledge, 2020.

“Groups, Social Processes, and Decision Making in Finance.” Co-authored with Gulnur Muradoglu. Qualitative Research in Financial Markets 2019, 11/4: 429-55. Outstanding paper award, Emerald Publishers.

“Does a Scopic Regime Erode the Disposition Effect? Evidence from Social Trading Platforms” (co-authored with Roland Gemayel), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2018, 154: 175-190.

Academic Year:  2023 - 2024

1st Term:


Special Issues in Sociological Analysis

2nd Term:


Science, Technology and Society