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Mr. Rasel Hussain


PhD Student (HKPFS Awardee)
Tel: (852) 2616 7658

Fax: (852) 2456 0737


WYL104/17, Dorothy Y L Wong Building
Department of Sociology and Social Policy
Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong


Rasel Hussain is a DPhil researcher at Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, and an academic Staff in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy. He was granted the coveted HKPFS by the RGC of Hong Kong. He is also a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, East West University in Bangladesh. He formerly worked as a Consultant for REACH at the University of Oxford and Coventry University in the United Kingdom. He has also taught at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) and Asian University Bangladesh (AUB). Rasel Hussain earned a Master of Social Sciences (MSS) and a Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in Sociology from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. He gained competence in urban sociology, demography, gender studies, and gerontology. He has a number of research experiences with several INGOs and NGOs at the national and international levels.

Areas of Interest 

  • Urban Economy
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Violence
  • Poverty and Marginality (Urban Sociology)
  • Gender studies
  • Demography and Gerontology


HKPF PhD Fellow (LU, Hong Kong), BSS (DU, Bangladesh), MSS (DU, Bangladesh)

Selected Publications

Journal Article: 

  1. Hussain, R. (2022). Cultural globalization and its stimulus on urban youth: A sociological study among university students in Bangladesh. Journal of Indian Research, 9(3), 12:24.
  2. Hussain, R., Saha, A.K. (2022). Street-based Female Sex Workers and Their Vulnerabilities: A Study in the Municipalities of Bangladesh. Journal of Social Health, 5(1).
  3. Hussain, R. (2019). City, Informality and Poverty: The Polarization of the Street Vendors in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Italian Sociological Review, 9 (3), 413:430.

  4. Hussain, R & Yesmin, T.S, (2018), Unusual and unnecessary C-Section practices in Bangladesh: Violation of respect for autonomy principle and absence of social equity in health care system.  Social Science Review, 35(2), 247:260.
  5. Pervin I, Hussain, R (2018), Web Technology and the Changing Pattern of Relationship: A Study on Urban Youth in Dhaka City. International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science, 2(12).

  6. Yesmin, T.S, Hussain, R. (2018). Child Murder Issues in Bangladesh: Reasoning from Socio-Ethical Observation. ‘Society and Change’ a Social Science Journal, 12(2), 37:48.

  7. Hussain, Rasel (2015); The Emerging Digital Culture of Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects. Journal of Philosophy, Culture and Religion, 6, 18:24.

  8. Hussain,Saha, Rabbani, Pervin, Shamma & Khan (2015); State and the Low Cost Housing for the Poor: Fall of Bashentek Rehabilitation Project (BRP) in Dhaka City: Bangladesh. Journal of Education and Practice, 6(13).

  9. Saha, Hussain, Rabbani, Pervin, Shamma & Khan (2015); Anti-pornography Act (2012) and the Current Behavior, Knowledge Status and Opinion poll: A study on the Students of University of Dhaka; Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization, 36.

Book Published:

  1. Hussain, Rasel (2015); State, Informality and Urban Marginality: The miseries of street vendors. Lambert Academia Publishing.

Teaching Subjects

Academic Year:  2022 - 2023

1st Term: 


Introduction to Sociology

2nd Term: 


Introduction to Sociology