Driving Research Excellence and Knowledge Transfer

The reputation of Lingnan University in research rests predominantly on the quality and quantity of our published outputs. It is built on innovation and collaboration. We have a strong vision for developing successful interdisciplinary research, forging international collaborations and partnerships, and a commitment to ensuring that our research effectively informs our teaching as well as a wider process of knowledge transfer besides contribution to academia.

We have seen outstanding improvements in recent years in the number of public grant applications, in particular the highest success rate of 67% among the UGC-funded institutions for the Early Career Scheme funded by the Research Grants Council in 2018-19. We foster research with reviews, incentives, rewards, and publication and conference support. Over the next six years, we will sharpen our focus on the quality and impact of our research and scholarship:

Ongoing Developments

  • Supporting strategic thematic research areas for future research development in order to increase the number and total dollar value of competitive research and KT grants
  • Improving the quality and impact of our research output as measured by the percentage of our research activities judged to be “world leading” or “internationally excellent” for the 2020 Research Assessment Exercise and beyond
  • Developing international and regional inter-university platforms for promoting research cooperation, publication and knowledge transfer in order to increase the number of research and KT projects and events collaborated with overseas institutions

New Initiatives

  • To promote comparative research through the Alliance of Asian Liberal Arts Universities
  • To reach out to the wider society for strategic joint research funding to enhance research impact on society
  • To set up joint research centres/institutes in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area
  • To support STEAM education in primary and secondary schools, and to collaborate with overseas and mainland tertiary institutions in strengthening liberal arts in STEAM education