Enhancing Undergraduate Teaching and Learning

Undergraduate teaching and learning foregrounded in liberal arts education are central to Lingnan University’s vision and mission. We have provided a diverse and rich learning experience to undergraduate students, mindful that today’s young graduates face an increasingly competitive world that requires innovation and flexibility.

We aspire to produce graduates well-equipped with the knowledge (languages, chosen discipline(s), and proficiency in information technology), skills (communication, analytical, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving), and attitudes (commitment to service, global citizenship, integrity, cultural sensitivity, and life-long learning) that enable them to meet evolving challenges in different careers in their lives. There is already a wide choice of 14 undergraduate programmes, including three new programmes in Global Liberal Arts, Data Science, and Animation and Digital Arts to be launched in 2019. Our curriculum provides extended and clearly visible international elements.

We are deeply committed to excellence in undergraduate education, and are keen to revise the curriculum and regulatory framework to expand learning opportunities for our students. We will introduce more interactive and smart learning experiences, including greater use of digital learning resources and pedagogical approaches:

Ongoing Developments

Alliance for Asian Liberal Arts Universities
  • Developing the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) – Risk and Insurance Management Programme and the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Liberal Arts Programme into Lingnan’s flagship programmes and launching new undergraduate programmes, in particular the LEO Dr David P. Chan Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science Programme and the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Animation and Digital Arts Programme to meet societal needs
  • Promoting research on teaching and learning with the aim of enhancing student learning
  • Enriching students’ international learning experiences through collaboration with member institutions of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance, the Alliance for Asian Liberal Arts Universities, and 210 exchange partners
  • Strengthening students’ research competence to enable 100% take-up of undergraduate students for capstone projects, faculty research and supervised student-initiated research, including community-based research and service-learning projects

New Initiatives

Teaching and Learning
  • To develop Creative Arts and Media programmes to contribute to Hong Kong as an international cultural hub
  • To develop interdisciplinary programmes that combine Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Business Psychology, Philosophy, and Policy Studies, and to engage students in AI Education and Design Thinking
  • To develop smart teaching and learning and other cutting-edge pedagogies with the help of new digital education technologies to support teaching and learning endeavours to meet students’ new learning needs in a rapidly changing world where new knowledge and skills continue to appear and workplace requirements are constantly changing
  • To reach out to promote Digital Humanities in Art, History and Heritage, e.g. building repositories and databases for cultural and historical conservation, and for student learning
  • To collaborate with strategic partners in curating heritage and culture
  • To maximise experiential learning outside Hong Kong for all undergraduate students by providing guidance and financial support