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Graduates’ Sharing


Ms. GAO Huahua
2023 MAcc Graduate

The MAcc programme has provided a significant qualitative leap for my study experiences. It offers various activities and seminars to enhance my learning. The professors are approachable and engaging with every student, while the teaching assistants are also responsible and friendly. These factors demonstrate very good value that my Lingnan study life has.







Mr. YANG Fengyuan
2023 MAcc Graduate

It was a productive year. Macc has not only taught me professional accounting knowledge, but also provided me with a broader platform.  I am very grateful to have known so many helpful and excellent professors and classmates.







Ms. TAO Tao
2021 MAcc Graduate

All professors in the MAcc programme are very professional and responsible. They always respond to us as fast as possible if we have any questions about the study.  They would also be willing to give us valuable comments on our career planning.







Ms. HUANG Lingmin
2021 MAcc Graduate

It was a great opportunity for me to meet professionals in the accounting field through the guest lecturers/seminars arranged by the MAcc programme.  I would remember all the wonderful moments at Lingnan University!







Ms. LU Xiaohua
2020 MAcc Graduate

MAcc programme speeds up my preparation on professional accountancy qualification exams. Also, I learnt a lot of soft skills from the programme and activities organized by MAcc, it is really useful in workplace.







Mr. WU Changhui
2020 MAcc Graduate

Except the fruitful programme, MAcc students were provided with various resources and channels regarding job hunting and recruitment throughout the year. It really helped me a lot on my career planning.







Mr. James HOOK
2019 MAcc Graduate

I have thoroughly enjoyed my past year studying here at Lingnan University. Interacting with those from different cultures and backgrounds has provided me with an expanded view of the world.







Ms. LAN Weiqing
2019 MAcc Graduate

The year in MAcc programme made me to gain valuable friendship, learn more professional knowledge and, more importantly, bring me a lot of precious experience.






Mr. LEUNG Kam Yuen, Alvin
2018 MAcc Graduate

All the teachers here are very friendly and willing to spend the time talking to us. Our acadmic advisors are very accessible not only in providing academic support, but also imparting us with valuable job-hunting skills.




Ms. HUA Yulan
2018 MAcc Graduate

Though the activities arranged by the programme, I have obtained valuable opportunities to communicate with the accounting practitioners directly and got much advice from them. It made me feel more confident for job seeking after graduation.



Mr. HU Fei
2018 MAcc Graduate

The MAcc programme gave me the honor to receive the Mr. D. W. Mak Memorial Scholarship and gave me the opportunity to be a lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma.




Ms. LI Siwen
2018 MAcc Graduate

MAcc programme provided us well-organized and fully loaded courses. Case analysis, group work, and individual report, those well designed procedures enable our knowledge and skills to be developed effectively and efficiently.





Ms. YU Tianjiao
2017 MAcc Graduate

My study experience at the Lingnan MAcc Programme has become a valuable asset in my life. It enabled me to become more independent and know what I want to achieve in the future.




Ms. LUO Muchi
2016 MAcc Graduate

The knowledge I acquired from the Programme is very relevant not only to the professional accounting qualification examinations, but also to real work environments.




Ms. LU Hanhuang
2015 MAcc Graduate

I enjoyed a warm learning environment, participated in a wide range of activities, and communicated with a variety of business people.






Ms. Hung Na, Annabel
2013 PGDA Graduate, 2014 MAcc Graduate

The Programme hits the proverbial two birds (HKICPA and CICPA) with one stone.

I believe the most important lesson I’ve learned is: “As professionals, we only have two things to sell - our professional knowledge and our integrity. Never ever abandon our integrity”. 






Ms. Cheong Pui Man, Mandy
2014 MAcc Graduate

The MAcc programme of Lingnan University covers full range of accounting and auditing knowledge, including China Law, China Tax, Forensic Accounting which are very helpful for me to deal with the daily problems I faced at work.