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Faculty Team

Name and Post Telephone Email
Prof. ZHANG Yue (張玥)
Head and Associate Professor
2616-8164 [email protected]
Prof. LIN Zhen-pin, Kenny (林振聘)
2616-8162 [email protected]
Prof. BAO Di-chu (鮑迪初)
Associate Professor
2616-8174 [email protected]
Prof. WU Feng, Harry (吳峰)
Associate Professor
2616-8177 [email protected]
Prof. WANG Rui, Ray (王睿)
Research Associate Professor
2616-8176 [email protected]
Prof. HAN Peng, Helen (韓鵬)
Associate Professor of Teaching
2616-8184 [email protected]

Prof. LO Wai Yee, Agnes (羅慧儀)
Associate Professor of Teaching

2616-8163 [email protected]
Prof. SHI Shanshan (史珊珊)
Associate Professor of Teaching
Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes Office
Faculty of Business
2616-8189 [email protected]
Prof. MAO Ying (毛莹)
Assistant Professor
2616-8167 [email protected]
Prof. WANG Rui, Erik (王睿)
Assistant Professor
2616-8344 [email protected]
Prof. YEUNG Hau Yi, Tracy (楊巧兒)
Research Assistant Professor
2616-8187 [email protected]
Dr. WU Benjamin (胡彬)
2616-8183 [email protected]