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Undergraduate Admissions

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Senior Year Admission

An applicant who is a final-year student or a graduate from a recognised full-time Associate Degree/Higher Diploma programme with a duration of at least two years offered by a post-secondary institution is considered to be eligible for admission to Year 3# or Year 2#.  

The University will take into consideration all information provided by applicants, such as academic performance (e.g. public examination results and academic results in their sub-degree studies), interview/written test performance (if any), non-academic achievements and interest, and other factors which individual academic units consider relevant to the study programme concerned.

Eligible sub-degree graduates, i.e. from local Associate Degree or Higher Diploma programmes accredited with Level 4 of the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF), admitted to Year 3 will automatically be granted a 60-credit block transfer, while eligible sub-degree graduates/students admitted to Year 2 will be granted a 30-credit block transfer. 


Application Procedure

Please click Apply Online to complete an online application.