Subsite Background

Design Innovation

Design innovation involves the use of well-established methodologies in problem solving. A structured brainstorming process ensures issues are covered more holistically, and solutions formed match the relevant objectives and needs. At LEI, we facilitate workshops and support the integration of the following methodologies in various programmes:

  • Participatory Design: a participatory approach where users participate actively in the design process to ensure their needs are met. 
  • Design Thinking: a human-centered approach that focuses on creating a viable solution with minimal resources. The process includes understanding the users' needs, creating a minimal viable product (MVP), testing and reiterating it with feedback. 
  • Lego Serious Play: a facilitation -based approach to improve creative thinking, communication and problem solving. The approach involves the use of Lego bricks, where participants are asked to build models that represent their thoughts and ideas. The models are then used as basis for discussion and exploration of different perspectives and solutions to problems.