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FAQ (Faculty)

What is Service-Learning?

Service-Learning is a pedagogy that combines rigorous academic study with impactful community projects, which allow students to reflect on their knowledge obtained in the classroom through hands-on experience in the field. Students will apply the theories, concepts, and skills that they learn in a course in collaboration with community partners. At OSL, we define Service-Learning in a broader sense that may take many forms. Below are some examples, but these are not exhaustive. We always welcome new suggestions for Service-Learning projects.

  • Advising a NGO on how to improve their marketing strategy.
  • Building an affordable air-purifier for the underprivileged in Hong Kong.
  • Organising an environmental awareness campaign in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park
  • Going on an exploration trip to Kazakhstan to develop a policy paper on sustainable growth.
  • Creating an international travel guidebook for active and adventurous Hong Kong elders.
  • Designing creative solutions to toilet hygiene problems in Yuen Long and Tuen Mun.
  • Helping migrant workers with young babies and children deal with legal issues.
  • Conducting interviews and producing videos on the life of ethnic minority elderlies in Hong Kong
  • Inventing an affordable device that transforms a mechanical wheelchair into an electric one.


How do I incorporate Service-Learning into my course?

If you are thinking about incorporating Service-Learning into your course, please contact one of our Service-Learning coordinators below so we can discuss possible project options and choice of community partners with you. For further information, you may also refer to the Service-Learning Course Instructor Handbook.


What assistance does OSL offer to faculty members?

For an overview of the assistance OSL offers to faculty members, please find more information here.


S-L Coordinator for Faculty of Arts

Dr. HU Taihua

2616 8077 [email protected]


S-L Coordinator for Faculty of Business

Dr. Jasper van Holsteijn

2616 8065 [email protected]


S-L Coordinator Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Zoe XIAO
2616 8056 [email protected]