Subsite Background

Support from OSL in S-L

Office of Service-Learning (OSL) welcomes all faculty members who would like to incorporate Service-Learning into their courses. OSL helps course instructors explore project directions, find suitable community partners, facilitate student registration, training, and reflection, and supervise students during Service-Learning field work and practicum workshops. Please refer to the Course Instructor Handbook for more information about service-learning, or contact one of our staff members:


Service Pledge 

Office of Service-Learning (OSL) is committed to supporting faculty members to incorporate high quality S-L in their curriculum. The office facilitates collaboration with community partners, develop students’ S-L knowledge and other transferable skills, and ensure S-L projects complement the curriculum. 


OSL pledges delivery of below services: 


Service Type 

Performance Standard 

Aug (Semester 1)/   

Dec (Semester 2) 

Project Matching  


Define and match suitable S-L project(s) for faculty with the community partners. 

Sep – Oct (Semester 1) / 

Jan – Feb (Semester2 ) 

S-L Registration 


Provide a transparent communication channel for faculty and students on S-L project registration.  

Preparation Training and Transferable Skills Workshops 

Assist the faculty in training that prepares students for service. Additional online materials are available for students to sharpen relevant skills. 

Oct – Nov (Semester1)/  

Mar – Apr (Semester 2) 

Field Supervision, especially for new S-L projects 

Provide close field supervision to students in S-L orientation and practicum workshops, especially for new S-L projects.  

Project Plan  


Review students’ S-L project plan and offer constructive feedback. 



Direct students’ reflection throughout the entire S-L process.  

Dec (Semester 1)/ 

May (Semester 2) 

Project Evaluation 

Organise the evaluation meeting with faculty and community partners to ensure the quality and sustainability of S-L project.