Staff Development and Award Schemes

Staff Development Grants and Supports


Staff members may apply for study grants for pursuing study programmes and grants for attending conferences to be approved by the University subject to the prevailing policies and guidelines.



There is a funding limit within a funding year which an eligible academic staff member can apply for and is subject to revision by the University from time to time

The Grant may cover the following items of expenses in relation to attending the conference:

  • Conference outside of Hong Kong (non-local)
    1. Conference registration fee
    2. Economy airfare
    3. Subsistence allowance
    4. Visa fee
  • Conference in Hong Kong (local)
    • Conference registration fee only



Staff members may apply for conference leave if they are going to present paper(s) in the conference/seminar, or play a significant role in the conference/seminar, e.g. serve as a keynote speaker of the conference/seminar, participate as a session leader/discussant, etc.



The Research Visit Fund provides support for research visits and collaborations between Lingnan University and non-local universities.

The Fund supports:

  1. academic staff of non-local universities to visit Lingnan University (Incoming Visit)
  2. full-time academic staff on the research track of Lingnan University to visit non-local universities (Outgoing Visit)


Award Schemes

The Research and Knowledge Transfer Excellence Award Scheme are established to high performing faculty members and Units to honour their achievements in academic research and creating impact in raising the community’s quality of life and contributing to social policy.

The Teaching Excellence Award Scheme (TEAS) is established to recognize and reward distinguished teachers of the University who have demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching.

The Dr. and Mrs. James Tak WU Awards for Outstanding Service was set up in 1998 to recognize and reward staff members and students who have consistently demonstrated outstanding service to the university or community.