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Equipment available for Student Societies


A. Equipment on Loan

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) provides the following equipment to facilitate the organisation of student activities by student societies & clubs :


B. Guidelines on Booking of Equipment on Loan

  1.  Application should be made at least 3 working days prior to the first day of use of the equipment.
  2.  A copy of the application from indicating the availability of the requested item will normally be returned to applicant on the working day following the receipt of application.
  3. Applicant should collect the requested item in person during office hours. Student ID card and copy of the application form should be presented.
  4. Applicant should check that the item borrowed is in good condition on collection and return. Cost for repairs/replacement will be borne by applicant in case of loss/damage.
  5. Cancellation of use should be reported at least 1 working day in advance.
  6. Failure to collect the reserved items on time for over 3 times without prior notice may restrain applicants from future loan of facilities.

C.  Additional guidelines for borrowing of Silk flower basket, Silk corsage & PVC name badge

1.  Applicant should be collected within 2pm to 5pm at the appointed date;

2.  Must be returned before 12:00noon on the next working day;

3.  Applicant should collect or return in person to OSA counter, and present your student ID card and society chop when pick up;

4.  Applicant is responsible for the loss and any damage, flower basket HK$500 per item, corsage HK$40 per item and PVC name badge HK$4  per item.


Download Equipment Request Form