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The Terms of Reference and Membership of Committees of the Faculty of Social Sciences 2023-24 are as follows:
Social Sciences Faculty Board

Terms of Reference

a) To be responsible to the Senate for the academic standards and quality assurance of the programmes and courses (both undergraduate and postgraduate) offered by the Faculty and to report thereon to the Senate from time to time;
b) To endorse new programme proposals, departmental annual programme reports and 5-year programme reviews;
c) To provide a forum to stimulate academic development, and research and knowledge transfer activities of the Faculty;
d) To set up committees, task forces and working groups as appropriate in support of the academic and quality assurance work of the Faculty; and
e) To perform any other duty as may be required by the Senate.



Chairman: Dean of the Faculty Prof. William HAYWARD
Members: All regular faculty members who are full-time employees of the University  
  One undergraduate student elected by and from undergraduate students in the Faculty

Mr. WON Hao (BSocSc, Year 1)

  One postgraduate student elected by and from full-time research/taught postgraduate students in the Faculty Mr. KWONG Ho-wang Danny (MPhil in Sociology and/or Social Policy, Year 2)
Secretary: To be appointed by the Dean Ms. Josephine LAI


Social Sciences Faculty Management Board

Terms of Reference

To serve as a regular forum for the Faculty’s leadership to discuss issues and polices related to the development and operation of the Faculty and to make decisions where appropriate.



Chairperson: Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. William HAYWARD
Members: Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) Prof. Stefan KÜHNER
  Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies) Prof. YEUNG Wai-lan Victoria
  HoDs of Economics, Government and International Affairs, Psychology, and Sociology and Social Policy Prof. QIU Dongxiao Larry (ECON)
    Prof. LI Lianjiang (GOV)
    Prof. SIU Oi-ling (PSY)
    Prof. CHEN Hon-fai (SOCSP)
Observers: Chair Professors in the Faculty may be invited by the Dean Prof. MOK Ka-ho Joshua (SOCSP)
    Prof. Shalendra SHARMA (GOV)
Secretary: A staff member from Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences Ms. Josephine LAI


Social Sciences Advisory Board


The role of an Advisory Board is to act as an interface between Government / industry / commerce / the community at large and the Departments concerned of the University.


Terms of Reference

An Advisory Board shall normally meet once a year to help plan and keep under review the following aspects of work including future developments:

a) Level and length of courses / programme(s) concerned in relation to local needs;
b) The relevance of the courses / programme(s) in relation to the changing needs and nature of potential employment in Hong Kong of graduates of the University;
c) The prospects of local employment for graduates;
d) The adequacy of the equipment and other resources of the academic units to fulfill local needs;
e) The development of teaching and other activities carried out jointly by the academic units and the appropriate sector of the community;
f) Investigation consultancy and other services given by the academic units;
g) Keep under review the assistance which the community can give to further the objectives of the University in the subject concerned by way of practical training facilities, the provision of part-time teaching staff and equipment, the award of scholarships, student-fellowships, etc.



Chairman: Mr. FUNG Daniel R, SBS, SC, QC, JP, FCIArb Senior Counsel
    Des Voeux Chambers
Convener: Prof. Stefan KÜHNER BSocSc Programme Director
Members: Prof. Cecilia CHENG Hughes Hall Fellow/Visiting Scholar
    Hughes Hall/Department of Psychology
    University of Cambridge
    Associate Dean (Personal Development)
    Graduate School
    Faculty of Social Sciences
    Department of Psychology
    The University of Hong Kong
  Prof. FONG Yuk-fai Professor of Management and Strategy
    Professor of Economics
    HKU Business School, Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate)
    The University of Hong Kong
  Mr. HO Chun-hei Alex Programme Director (Integrated Service for Persons with Disabilities)
    Christian Family Service Centre
  Mr. MA Ho-kwan Daniel Former Service Director
    Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited
  Dr. Anthony NEOH, QC, SC, JP Senior Counsel
    The Chambers of Anthony Francis Neoh, QC, SC
  Prof. YEH Gar-on Anthony Chair Professor
    Department of Urban Planning and Design
    The University of Hong Kong
  Prof. William HAYWARD Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Secretary: To be appointed by the Convener Mr. CHEUNG Chun-ho
Observers and Advisers:   The Committee may invite any persons to attend any meeting as Advisers observers or advisers


Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee (RPSC) in Social Sciences

Terms of Reference

a) To assess project proposals applying for Direct Grant, Conference Grant, Faculty Research Grant and to report the funding results to the Research Committee, subject to availability of fund;
b) To be responsible to the Postgraduate Studies Committee for issues relating to admission, studentship, progression and graduation of research postgraduate students, as well as appointment of supervisors;
c) To monitor and give advice to taught postgraduate programmes in the Faculty (if needed).



Chairperson*: To be nominated by Dean and appointed by the Chairmen of Research Committee and Postgraduate Studies Committee Prof. YEUNG Wai-lan Victoria
Members: One representative from each of the four Departments nominated by the respective Head of Department, or Head of Department Prof. ZHANG Tianle (ECON)
    Prof. ZHANG Baohui (GOV)
    Prof. CHEUNG Yue-lok Francis (PSY)
    Prof. Alexandru-Codru PREDA (SOCSP)
  One research postgraduate student elected from amongst themselves^ Mr. LIU Mengxin
 (PhD in Economics, Year 1)
Observers: Chair Professors of the four Departments of the Faculty Prof. William HAYWARD (PSY)
    Prof. MOK Ka-ho Joshua (SOCSP)
    Prof. QIU Dongxiao Larry (ECON)
    Prof. Shalendra SHARMA (GOV)
    Prof. SIU Oi-Ling (PSY)
  Directors of Research Centres, i.e.  
  Pan Sutong Shanghai-Hong Kong Economic Policy Research Institute Prof. HO Lok-sang (PSEI)
  Public Governance Programme Prof. LI Pang-kwong (GOV)
  Wofoo Joseph Lee Consulting and Counselling Psychology Research Centre Prof. SIU Oi-ling (PSY)
Secretary: A staff member from Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences Ms. Josephine LAI

*The main roles of Chairperson are to convene and chair the meetings of the RPSC. The Chairperson does not vote unless it is necessary to break a tie.

^The student member should be a full member of the RPSC and attends the meetings for agenda items relating to research postgraduate matters, except those the Chairperson considers confidential.


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