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BUS2105 Microeconomics for Business

Mid-Term Test via Moodle

18 March 2024 (Mon)



First & Second Term, 2023-24

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Course Description

Pre-requisite: Students are not allowed to take both this course and ECO2101 Introduction to Economics

This course aims to give students a basic understanding of micro-economic concepts and the economic environment within which businesses operate. Microeconomics is the study of the choices that individuals and firms make. It also deals with the ways these choices interact in markets. Students are to become familiar with the characteristics of different market structures.


First Term, 2023-24 Second Term, 2023-24

Dr. WONG Man-Chung, Albert

Dr. WONG Man-Chung, Albert

Prof. LUI Hon-Kwong

Prof. WANG Qian


Prof. CHOW Kong-Wing, Clement

Download Areas

Course Outline and Schedule

    Dr. WONG Man-Chung, Albert: L1 & L2

    Prof. WANG Qian: L3 & L4

    Prof. CHOW Kong-Wing, Clement: L5

Lecture Notes

Students could access to the teaching notes in Moodle System

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