Programme Highlights

Consulting Project: Integrating Theory with Practice

Consulting Project

The Consulting Project is a unique and significant component of the MScMIB programme. It is an applied approach that integrates theory with hands-on experience in a real-world business setting. Given the opportunity of conducting different consulting projects under sponsorship of various well-established business organizations, students learn how to address the challenges and problems faced by businesses in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Our goal is to prepare students with project management, client engagement techniques, and managerial problem-solving skills. And by applying the knowledge and skills learned from lessons, students can conduct consultation studies for the clients.

Each year, under the supervision of their assigned project supervisors, students will work in teams on an assigned client project to conduct business analysis and market research to address the clients’ business needs, and provide informed analyses that guide clients’ decision-making and improvement initiatives. The emphasis will be on applying marketing theories, project management practices and theories of international business to solve the business problems faced by the clients. In addition, they will also deliver meaningful services to the community upon undertaking consulting projects.

The Aims of Consulting Project:

  1. Apply concepts and theories of marketing and international business in fulfilling the goals of today’s businesses.
  2. Applying consulting skills to undertake managerial decisions with an emphasis on marketing and international business.
  3. Develop proficiencies in a range of skills required to practice collaborative problem solving and consultancy.

MScMIB Sponsoring Companies:

Each academic year, students are organized into small groups with supervision from project supervisors, and work in teams on assigned client consulting projects. Some of sponsoring companies include (in alphabetical order):

  • AcesoBee Limited
  • AIA International Limited
  • Asia-Pacific Etiquette & Education Association (AEEA)
  • Biofit International Limited
  • China Ping An Insurance (Hong Kong) Co Ltd
  • Codefree Soft Limited
  • E-Plan Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Forenodes Technology Limited
  • German Pool (HK) Limited
  • Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Ltd.
  • Hong Kong Deposit Protection Scheme 
  • Hong Kong Cyberport
  • Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong
  • Kirin Financial Group
  • Lan Kwai Fong Group (LKF Media)
  • Metropark Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong
  • Milton Exhibits
  • New Media Foundation Limited
  • Openrice Group Inc.
  • Onepersonalization Limited
  • Prudential Hong Kong Limited
  • Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited
  • Suitino Group Limited
  • The Hongkong Electric Company
  • Tibet Water Resources Ltd.
  • Mass Concept
  • Medsim Education Limited
  • Ping An Insurance (Hong Kong) Co Ltd