Programme Structure

The programme is offered in full-time mode and requires the completion of a total of 30 credit hours, including NINE courses (6 required and 3 electives) with the normative study period of 10 months. The normal duration for the MSc programme is one year (ten months) full-time study, and the maximum duration is three years.

Curriculum +

+ Required Courses (6 courses, 21 credits)

  1. MIB501 Consumer Behaviour
  2. MIB502 Applied Marketing Research
  3. MIB503 International Marketing Management
  4. MIB504 International Trade and Investment
  5. MIB605 E-commerce and Social Media Marketing
  6. MIB506 Consulting Project (6 credits) [Term 1 & Term 2]

+ Elective Courses*
(Any 3 courses, 9 credits, limited to maximum 1 course from the International Business Cluster)

Electives of Marketing Cluster

  1. MIB505 Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  2. MIB601 Innovation Management and Digital Transformation
  3. MIB602 Integrated Marketing Communications
  4. MIB604 Sales and Retail Management
  5. MIB606 Financial Services Marketing
  6. MIB607 Big Data Marketing


Electives of International Business Cluster
(Students can choose no more than 1 course from the International Business Cluster)

  1. CDS513 Purchasing and Logistics Management for eBusiness
  2. MGT604 Strategic Management

+ Non-business degree holders are required to take a pre-entry bridging course which is normally conducted before the commencement of the MSc programme. It is a basic course aiming to introduce principles of marketing and economics to students, requiring a total of 42 class contact hours. The pre-entry Bridging Course is normally held in August before term commencement.

* The availability of elective offerings will be subject to student demand and faculty availability.


Graduation Requirements

- For graduation, students are required to complete a total of 9 courses of 30 credits as specified in the programme curriculum, including “required” and “elective” courses.

- The minimum GPA requirement for graduation will be 2.67 for the MSc programme.

- A student who has fulfilled all the requirements for graduation will be awarded the MSc degree with one of the following classifications:

(i) Distinction: CGPA>=3.50

(ii) Pass: CGPA >=2.67


Progression Requirements

- Students are required to achieve a Cumulative GPA of 2.33 or above in order to proceed to the next term.

- Withdrawal from the programme:

(i) Has exceeded the maximum period of study, which is 3 years for the MSc.; or

(ii) Will be unable to attain a Cumulative GPA of 2.67 at the end of the programme.

- Intermediate Award: Students will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma if they complete any 4 required courses with a minimum GPA of 2.3 in the first term, and do not continue in the programme.