Programme Overview


The MSc Programme in Marketing and International Business draws on the department's high-quality teaching, active-research expertise, and industry-wide connections to enhance students' knowledge and skills in the field of marketing and international business. With an emphasis on the application of cutting-edge concepts, tools and techniques in the field of marketing and business management through a national and international context, the program aspires to provide a high-quality education that orientate business and non-business students to a career in marketing and international business fields through its balanced curriculum content design, liberal-art oriented small-class teaching, individualized personal advising system, and outcome-based learning assessments.

Aims of the programme

The MSc Programme in Marketing and International Business aims to:

  • Provide students with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in specialist areas of marketing and international business;
  • Orientate students with diverse academic backgrounds with a critical awareness of contemporary strategic marketing and international business issues especially in China;
  • Enable students to apply relevant marketing and international business theories and techniques to addressing opportunities and problems faced by practitioners in Hong Kong and China;
  • Equip future business leaders with sound knowledge and skills needed in developing socially responsible and ethical strategies to deal with dynamic marketing and international business environments.

5 Learning Outcomes

LG 1: Students have a solid understanding of the theories and practices of marketing and international business.

LG 2: Students demonstrate a global outlook and an understanding of cultural diversity and their implications for marketing and management.

LG 3: Students analyze consumer and organizational buyer behavior and its implications for marketing strategy.

LG 4: Students have a solid understanding of international business concepts and trends and an ability to internationalize business models and practices.

LG 5: Students apply consulting skills to undertake international marketing decisions and operations.