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Mr. LO Chun Kwong Adrian

Adrian Lo, an experienced product designer, graduated as a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in product design at the University of Birmingham in 2009. He worked for Techtronic Industries TTI, Stratos Design, and Propstyle Development in Hongkong. Throughout his career, he helped design over 500 products in a wide range of categories for international clients including: Ablesmart, Hasbro, KMB, Musical Fidelity, MGA, Motorola, Myndar, RCA, Sharper Image, Thomson, iLive, Impact Mints. He was awarded the 2021 Hong Kong Smart Design Award, 2014 Geneva International Inventions Gold Award, 2014 Digital Movie Headphone of the Year award, and the 2007 RFID Device for Jewellery Industry Design Competition Award.

Adrian Lo