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Department of Applied Psychology

Professor LUI Fai Hong, Kelvin

Prof. Kelvin Lui

Assistant Professor

Office:   WYL118, Dorothy Y L Wong Building
               Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

TEL:       (852) 2616 8353

FAX:      (852) 2616 5997


Kelvin obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology from the Department of Psychology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on executive function and early language development. He has examined both behavioral performances and underlying neural mechanisms using high temporal-resolution electroencephalography (EEG) among children and adults.



  • Multitasking and executive function
  • Behavioral and neural development of reading and writing



Lui, K. F. H., Fan, P., Yip, K. H. M., Wong, Y. K., & Wong, A. C.-N. (2022). Are there Associations between Daily Multitasking Experience and Multitasking Performance? Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.


Lui K. F. H., Cheah, Z. R. E., McBride, C., & Maurer, U. (2022). Testing the script-relativity hypothesis: expertise in reading Chinese versus English is associated with better arithmetic skills. Reading and Writing.


Cheah, Z. R. E., Ye, Y., Lui, K. F. H., McBride, C., & Maurer, U. (2022). Spelling as a way to classify poor Chinese-English literacy skills in Hong Kong Chinese children. Annals of Dyslexia, 1-19.


Schmitz, J., Zheng, M., Lui, K. F. H., McBride, C., Ho, C. S. H., & Paracchini, S. (2022). Quantitative multidimensional phenotypes improve genetic analysis of laterality traits. Translational Psychiatry, 12(1), 1-8.


Lui, K. F. H., Lo, J. C. M., Maurer, U., Ho, C. S. H. & McBride, C. (2021). EEG Decoding of Chinese Characters on Primary School Children Predicts Word Reading Performance and Development. Developmental Science, 24(3), e13060.


Lui, K. F. H., Lo, J. C. M., Ho, C. S. H., McBride, C., & Maurer, U. (2021). Resting State EEG Network Modularity Predicts Literacy Skills in L1 Chinese but not L2 English. Brain and Language, 220, 104984.


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Teaching Subjects

Academic Year:  2022 - 2023:

1st Term: CLA9010 Social Problem Solving and Decision Making in the Modern World
2nd Term: TBA -