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Department of Applied Psychology

First-year Entry

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Psychology Programme aims to offer comprehensive undergraduate training to students interested in learning about psychology and its application. In this program, students will acquire foundational knowledge in courses such as Introduction to Psychology, Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology. At the advanced level, students will learn to apply psychology knowledge in subjects such as Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Stress management, Positive Psychology. Through training in knowledge and application, graduates of this programme are prepared to be critical users of psychological science in everyday life.

The following summary table describes the programme structure for 2021-22 intake students (4-year curriculum). More details about the programme structure can be found here. More information about Lingnan University’s Core Curriculum and Language Training is also available.

Course Category Total Number of Credits Total Number of Courses
Core Curriculum
Common Core 12 4
Cluster Course 15 5
English Language 12 4
Chinese Language 6 2
Social Sciences Foundation 12 4
Major Required Courses
  • PSY3101 Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology I
  • PSY3201 Human Development and Psychology of Adulthood
  • PSY3205 Social Psychology
  • PSY3209 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY4101 Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology II
15 5
Major Elective Courses
  • PSY3001 Stress and Coping: Theory and Practices
  • PSY3102 Exploring Psychology in Western and Chinese Cultures
  • PSY3103 Psychology of Human Performance and Technology
  • PSY3202 Psychology Applied to Occupational Safety and Health
  • PSY3206 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY3207 Health Psychology
  • PSY3208 Personality and Individual Differences
  • PSY3301 Positive Psychology and Positive Living
  • PSY3332 Environmental Psychology
  • PSY4001 Biological Psychology
  • PSY4002 Sensation and Perception
  • PSY4003 Psychological Testing and Assessment
  • PSY4102 Cross-cultural Psychology
  • PSY4103 Contemporary Issues in Psychology
  • PSY4310 Counseling Psychology
  • PSY4325 Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • SSC3213 Political Psychology and Behaviour
  • SSC4319 Senior Thesis

(at least 3 in 4000-level)

Junior Research Project 3 1
Free Electives 27 9
Total 120 40