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Undergraduate Admissions

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Admission Scores

In addition to the University General Entrance Requirements, applicants for admission should note that the evaluation of students is NOT only based on academic performance, but also on performance in extra-curricular activities, interviews, tests and other factors which reflect the all-round performance of applicants. The information contained here is therefore for reference only and should not be used to predict the chance of admission to any programme in subsequent years (which may depend on the overall results achieved by applicants in a particular year, the number of applicants applying to the programme, changes in selection criteria, etc.).

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Calculation Mechanism of Admission Score
To provide candidates with the flexibility in presenting the best combination of scores out of their HKDSE examination results for admission, the University has adopted a “best five subjects approach” (inclusion of Categories A and C subjects; exclusion of Mathematics Extended Part (except for BSc in Data Science programme) and Category B Applied Learning subjects) with subject weightings in calculating the admission scores. The final admissions decisions will be based, after factoring in the subject weightings, on the “best five subjects” that result in the highest weighted admission scores for candidates as illustrated below:

Candidate HKDSE Results Score Calculation with Weightings Applied Best Five Subjects with Highest Weighted Admission Scores
[Programme A assigns a heavier weighting of 1.5 for 
Chinese Language and English Language


Chinese Language: Level 4
English Language: Level 4
Mathematics Compulsory Part: Level 5
Liberal Studies: Level 3
Best Elective: Level 5
2nd Best Elective: Level 4

4 x 1.5
4 x 1.5
5 x 1
3 x 1
5 x 1
4 x 1



[The highest total weighted admission score is 26]


Chinese Language: Level 3
English Language: Level 3
Mathematics Compulsory Part: Level 4
Liberal Studies: Level 5*
Best Elective: Level 5**
2nd Best Elective: Level 5

3 x 1.5
3 x 1.5
4 x 1
6 x 1
7 x 1
5 x 1



[The highest total weighted admission score is 27]