Subsite Background

Gatherly 休才薈

Gatherly offers a wide range of online and offline workshops taught by talented retirees, such as tie-dye workshop, leather workshop, guided tour, etc. In addition, they run an online store selling different handmade products made by their talented retirees. 


The Issue

There are increasing financial pressures and social problems among Hong Kong's elderly. In response, Lingnan graduates have founded a company to provide more opportunities for the elderly to integrate into society. They believe that every retiree has a unique talent that can be shared with the community. Besides, they also want to gather retirees to form a mutually supportive community to enrich their retirement life and achieve positive ageing. 


The Solution

Therefore, Gatherly was founded as a support platform for retired elderly. They primarily adopt two business models, including workshop collaboration and online retail. For workshop collaboration, their target customers are profit and non-profit organizations, schools , and groups. Their value proposition is to let their talented retirees share their skills with the public while receiving instructor fees at the same time. Moreover, to create a mutually supporting community, they have organized internal monthly gatherings and various activities, as well as meetings to collect their feedback for our talented retirees.



To further promote their brand name and sustainability, Gatherly also aimed to explore more opportunities for organizing workshops and product collaboration. In the coming year, they are going to cooperate with Non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and book stores, including bless, so free, Book punch, MuiWo+ etc.



Retirees who are willing to share their valuable skill(s) with the public and wish to meet new friend(s) through our platform are our target group.


Project Team

Au Yeung Sze Nga, Cecilia (Year of graduation: 2019) 



Booster Prize for Social Enterprise 2021, Lingnan University 


Funding Source

Innovation and Impact Fund 2018 - 2019 


Project Classification

Positive ageing / talented retirees / handmade products and workshop / tie-dying workshop / leather workshop / guided tour