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Important Notes for Review of Grades and Reassessment

You are encouraged to have a meeting with the course instructor to seek clarification of how your course grade was calculated. In case a face-to-face meeting is impossible, you can communicate with the instructor by other means, such as email or telephone.


  1. It is the course instructor’s obligation to provide the information, which may include anexplanation of the criteria used in marking individual assessment tasks and/or a confirmation of the scores and weightings on which the course grade is based.
  2. The instructor should return works for all assessment tasks with feedback to students before the start of the examination period as far as practicable. You should seek explanation on grading of continuous assessment returned to you during term time.
  3. When you approach the instructor for an explanation, you may be required to provide the work in question if this has been returned to you.
  4. During the communication process, you are not allowed to lobby for a change of grade.

For review of grades, you are required to explain briefly why you believe the original calculation is incorrect. For reassessment, you are required to specify which written assessment task(s) is (are) to be reassessed, and explain briefly why you believe the original grade is unfair with reference to the relevant rubric or marking scheme.


  1. Your appeal (s) must be made within two weeks from the release of preliminary examination results. You are required to pay a deposit for each appeal.
  2. An appeal for reassessment can be made on written assessments only. Another teacher will be assigned to undertake the reassessment as far as practicable. Your identity will not be revealed to the teacher responsible for reassessment.
  3. After an appeal is submitted, no personal lobbying by the student is permitted. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the appeal being rejected.

You will be notified of the result of your appeal via email.


  1. Appeals may result in upgrading or downgrading of assessment results, and the deposit will be refunded if the appeal results in a change of grade.