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MACAH VIS511 Curatorial Project

Curated by Lin Yuxin, Liu Haogeng, Lo Tsz Yan Selina, Poon Tseng Yi, Tam Hui Ling, Zhang Zhiyu, Zhong Yuping



Artists: Chan Yee Man Megan, Chan Sui Na Sheila, Chui Hiu Nam, Fong Ka Yu, Wong Kit Kwan, Rick Lo
Curators: Lin Yuxin, Liu Haogeng, Lo Tsz Yan Selina, Poon Tseng Yi, Tam Hui Ling, Zhang Zhiyu, Zhong Yuping

Travellers: Travel Narratives in Hong Kong

“Travellers” is a group exhibition inspired by James Clifford's theory in Routes: Travel and Translation in the Late Twentieth Century, which offers a framework for constructing a collective narrative of late twentieth-century travel, diaspora, border crossing, self-location, and residence away from home-as transcultural dilemmas.

Under this “bustling” cover are buried unstable and uncertain factors. Multiple interconnected factors contribute to alienation, and the social environment has changed dramatically over the past years in Hong Kong. People in this city also feel adrift due to the external environment's instability. Yet, comprehension of this city is only superficial.

The primary objective of this curatorial project is to examine the purpose of travel and the intention of the traveller, using Hong Kong as an example. The discussion will progress from the superficial to the profound and is organized according to four objectives and preferences to examine the central theme. Each area is represented by the works of six artists, who interpret and manifest the concepts through diverse methodologies and mediums. The keywords and phrases for the four areas are as follows: leisure activities (Rick Lo, Chan Sui Na Sheila), nomad/nomadism (Fong Ka Yu), responses to significant events (Wong Kit Kwan Kelvin, Chui Hiu Nam), and moving to a new place (Chan Yee Man Megan).

Area 1: Leisure Activities

Travel is an opportunity to unwind and explore the unknown while appreciating the scenery. Feelings of happiness and positivity do not solely define travelling. Transportation to new locations is an essential and stimulating experience for travellers. Exploring new and exotic destinations through this means is vital to the travel experience. Rick Lo’s artwork depicts the standard visual elements in the aviation industry through boarding gate totems and hot air balloons with baggage tags. The floating-up process shows the excitement and expectation of travellers. It shows that one travel goal is to seek out unfamiliar sights and unwind. Chan Sui Na’s artwork embarked on a tram journey in contemplating time and memories in the artist’s student years. When the artist travels through the city in the tram, no one can't help but be reminded of a cherished past.

Area 2: Nomad / Nomadism

Travel can be viewed as a nomadic mode of existence. In a moving image projection called “A Place to Stay” by the artist Fong Ka Yu, several pigeons keep flying, walking around, and attempting to locate a home in the bustling metropolis and to adapt to its way of life. The moving pigeons are used as a symbol, a metaphor for the nomadic travellers in Hong Kong who reside in different locations as they are continually on the move to find their ideal home. The travellers wish to locate a new home that is tranquil and secure, moving from one place to another. This method of travelling can be understood as one form of seeking a home.

Area 3: Responses to significant events

Travel is a response to the main events of the actual world. The objective of travel can be understood metaphorically. Travel can be a practice that includes loss and restoration of an original state. The significant changes in Hong Kong society over the past decade have increased travel among the local population. Wong Kit Kwan uses everyday things, like the arrow or indicator, to show the relationship between observing things and presenting objects, pointing out a particular choice, imagining the direction of a traveller after facing the directions of the street signs, and how he will proceed. Five different pieces of handmade glass, varying in size, comprise brightly coloured art pieces. The “camera” of Chui Hiu Nam appears to have captured some images, as the recording screen seems to display them. To record and recall memories in a specific situation, travellers use cameras. Memory maintains the separation of personal and social identities.

Area 4: Moving to a new place

Travel is moving to a new location to construct a new residence. Travellers can record and interpret perceived differences and compare locations geographically, ethnically, and culturally. In the boundary-crossing process through which the traveller’s identity is reshaped, there is a process of orienting oneself in space and establishing limitations beyond one’s own body as an integral part of identity formation. The artist Chan Yee Man Megan offers a photo of an Indian girl wearing traditional clothing in the Sham Shui Po district of Hong Kong. Lovepreet is a Hong Kong-born and raised individual with the Indian culture as part of her background, crucially like many ethnic minorities in Hong Kong who also identify as Hong Kong people. They should, without a doubt, be treated as such. The artwork is meant to reflect and compare the estrangement between Hong Kong people and Lovepreet in society. If the definition of “Hong Kong people” is only divided by appearance, they can not be understood and connect solidly with this city.

CHAN Sui Na Sheila

CHAN Sui Na Sheila, student of RMIT & HKAS, Bachelor of Fine Art. She uses art to document the moments of her life and gather thoughts, which has become a journey of self-discovery. Creating art always reminds her to contemplate the world and gain a new outlook on her own life.

CHAN Yee Man Megan

CHAN Yee Man Megan obtained a BA in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. She focuses on exploring social issues, community and culture through photography and ceramics, approaching expressing city stories with an older and retro style. Megan aspires to arouse the audience's concern for society to strengthen bonds and foster a greater sense of caring and understanding for each other.

CHUI Hiu Nam

CHUI Hiu Nam, graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, with a BA in Visual Art in 2022 and graduated with an Associate of Arts in Digital Visual Design of Community College of City University in 2020, mainly in the area of glass art and visual design. The works are about daily society and the meaning of life through observing and reflecting on everyday life.


FONG Ka Yu is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. The pigeon has become one of the artist's favourite motifs in her paintings and short films since her encounter with these very common street birds during a study tour in Italy. The pigeon acts as an anthropomorphic symbol in this fixed frame video montage, "A Place to Stay". The work extends the concept of "home" and presents an alternative way of perceiving our city.

Rick LO

Rick LO is an artist, designer and lecturer. In recent years, he founded Rickubic, integrating digital artworks with augmented reality (AR) to visualise stories; he prefers to illustrate stories with lines. What’s more, Rick is among the “8 Talented and Inspiring Hong Kong Illustrators You Need to Know” featured in Localiiz.

WONG Kit Kwan Kelvin

WONG Kit Kwan Kelvin’s practice is related to the process of ‘practicing,’ and reproduction of his daily encounters. He values the physical execution and perceptual experience in art-making.