General Regulations Governing the Use of the Sports Facilities

1. Sports Attire

  1. Users should wear appropriate sports attire. For all indoor facilities, footwear must be of non-marking rubber-soled sports shoes.
  2. Bare foot is not allowed in all venues when playing ball games and using the fitness room.
  3. No shoes with spikes or metal studs are allowed in all venues except for running track and soccer pitch, where only shoes with non-metal spikes shorter than 6mm are allowed.



2. Changing Rooms

  1. Clothing and personal belongings should not be left unattended inside the changing rooms.
  2. Users are required to be considerate while using the changing rooms and keep the area clean and tidy at all time.
  3. Phototaking is strightly forbidden in the changing rooms.



3. Lockers

  1. Lockers inside the changing rooms are key-operated.
  2. To use the key-operated lockers, users will be required to deposit their University Cards for loan of keys at the Indoor Sports Complex Service Counter or at the Security Counter at the Pan Sutong Sports Ground. Users must return the keys to the respective counter before departure.
  3. Users must not leave their belongings in the lockers overnight. Sports facilities management staff have the authority to clear all lockers on daily basis after the scheduled closing time and to dispose of all property found therein. Lingnan University shall not be responsible for the safekeeping of any items found in lockers nor shall it be liable for any losses or damages in connection therewith.
  4. Locker users will be charged for lost or damaged keys.
  5. Storage of food inside lockers is not allowed.
  6. Do not store flammable materials (i.e. solvents), dangerous chemicals, explosives or weapons of any kind in lockers. Illegal or controlled substances such as drugs or alcohol are strictly not allowed to be stored in lockers.
  7. The University reserves the right to open the lockers in an emergency situation. Attempt to contact the user before opening the locker will be made only when time allows.



4. Sports Equipment On-loan Services

  1. Certain sports equipment may be lent to users upon request. Users must present the valid booking voucher, and deposit their University cards for loan of equipment at the Sports Complex Service Counter.
  2. The borrowers shall be charged for any lost or damaged sports equipment on loan to them. All loaned sports facilities must be returned immediately after use.



5. Liabilities

Users will be held responsible for any willful damage to the property (including lockers, flooring, furniture, fixtures, and fittings). For safety reasons, any such damage should be reported immediately to the sports facilities management staff.



6. Food & Drinks

  1. No food and drinks except water is permitted inside all sports venues.
  2. All type of glass containers are prohibited in the area of sports venues.



7. Lost & Found

  1. Users should not leave valuables unattended inside all sports venues. Lingnan University will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal property.
  2. Any items found should be taken to the Indoor Sports Complex Service Counter for safekeeping.
  3. Found items will be sent to the Campus Support Office of the Facilities Management Division for handling in accordance to the University’s Lost and Found Policy.



8. Injuries

  1. All injuries should be reported to the Indoor Sports Complex Service Counter, the Swimming Pool Office or the Pan Sutong Sports Ground Security Counter where first aid can be provided.
  2. Users of sports facilities shall participate in activities held at the University’s sports venues with due care.



9. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited at the whole campus.



10. Animals & Pets

Animals or pets are not allowed in all sports venues.



11. Audio-visual Equipment

Use of audio-visual equipment is strictly not allowed unless prior approval is obtained from the Office of Campus Development and Management.



12. Adverse Weather Arrangement

  1. All sports venues will be closed when typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted. Users will be advised to leave the sports venues when typhoon signal no. 8 warning is issued.
  2. All outdoor sports facilities will be closed when thunderstorm warning or black rainstorm warning signal is issued.



13. Misconduct

In case of misconduct, or of any action inconsistent with the regulations governing the use of sports facilities, or where the sports venues are being misused, the sports facilities management staff have the authority to reject or debar the related user(s) from the sports venues or from using the facilities for a designated period, or to refer him/her to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action, as appropriate.



14. Revision of Regulations

Lingnan University have absolute rights to alter, amend or adjust any of these regulations including the opening hours, courts provision and charges as and when necessary.