Chan Tak Tai Auditorium

A well-equipped 2-leveled auditorium with 1030 seatings

Chan Tak Tai Auditorium

Front view of Chan Tak Tai Auditorium

Since its opening in 1999, Chan Tak Tai Auditorium (陳德泰大會堂) has become a focal venue for holding cultural activities at Lingnan University as well as in the Tuen Mun District.

The Auditorium is elegantly set with balcony and stall seating accommodating up to 1,030 persons, and is well-equipped with powered flying system, sound and lighting facilities. It is suitable for staging different scale of performances and holding various kinds of cultural performances, seminars, university functions and assemblies.


Booking Form CDM4012 (For staff & students)



Seating: Continental, Stall seats are divided by 2 aisles
Seating Capacity: 1,030 comprising: Stall 732, Balcony 298
Wheelchair Spaces: 2 wheelchair spaces at Stall

Adjustable Proscenium

Width: Variable from 7.6m to 11.5m
Height: Variable from 3.6m to 6.7m

Sound System

Console: Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console
Microphone: Wire Vocal Microphone; Wireless Handheld Microphone; Wireless Clip Microphone; Condenser Microphone.
Playback Equipment: Tascam SS-CDR 250N
Riser: Wenger Versatile Staging and Seated Risers
Choral Riser: Wenger Tourmaster Choral Riser; 6' (1.8m) 3 step, 18" step
Music Stand: Wenger music stands
Piano: Yamaha Grand Piano GB1K


Stage Area: 185.7 meter sq. (~18m x 10.4m)
Stage Surface: Teakwood
Flying Height: 22m
Proscenium to the front of Stall: 3m
With Traveler Curtain

Flying System

Motor Fly-bar:

Total 22 motorized flying bars:

  • 5 light bars
  • 4 bars with borders
  • 4 bars with leg pairs
  • 4 scenery bars (Max. load: 250kg, Length: 12m)
  • 1 scenery bar for Lingnan University only (Max. load: 250kg; Length: 12m)
  • 1 bar with back curtain in pink color
  • 1 bar with middle curtain in black color
  • 1 bar with cyclorama
  • 1 bar with projector screen 6.874m (W) x 4.089 (H)

Stage Lighting System

Console: Colortran ETC Ion Xe2.0
Spotlight: 44 LED Profile Spotlights, 48 LED Fresnel Spotlights, 15 RGBW Profile Lights and 9 Colour LED Cyclorama Lights
Follow Spotlight: 2 PR Lighting PR-1600 RGBW LED Follow Spotlights
Projection Screen: 6.874m (W) x 4.089m (H) (Rear Projection)

Video Projection System

Video Projector: Panasonic PT-RZ120LB
Playback equipment: DVD, CD
Input Signal: 1080p/50 (SDI / HDMI)

Auxiliary Power Supplies (220V 50Hz)

4 nos. of 63A TPN switch with power outlet on side stage

Other Facilities

VIP Room: 6 seats; area: 3.3m x 4.5m
Dressing Room: 30 seats; area: 7.9m x 11m; shower rooms included
Lobby: Area: 12m x 20m

Enquiry (Facility Booking)

Auxiliary Services
2616 8897
2575 3017
LCH210, 2/F,
Lau Chung Him Building,
Lingnan University
Monday to Friday:
9:00am – 12:30pm;
1:30pm – 5:36pm

Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays