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Master of Social Sciences in Organisational Psychology and Education Management

Professor YU Baohua Lucy
Programme Director
Associate Professor
School of Graduate Studies

The OPEM program is jointly offered by the School of Graduate Studies and the Department of Applied Psychology. This unique program effectively amalgamates the fields of psychology and management, with a specific focus on the education domain, aiming to cater to the professional training requirements of the workforce in the Greater Bay Area and beyond.

Our meticulously designed curriculum is tailored to provide students with an enriching interdisciplinary learning environment. Beyond traditional classroom instruction, students will have access to immersive learning experiences in leading universities abroad. Notably, participants will have the exceptional opportunity to engage in exchange programs with esteemed UK universities and attend international postgraduate summer schools at Oxford, ensuring they remain well-informed about the latest advancements in education management. Furthermore, the program offers additional opportunities for students to study in Taiwan, the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Japan, and other East Asian regions. Particularly noteworthy, students will have the unique chance to engage in observational and teaching experiences at local schools in Hong Kong. These experiential learning opportunities contribute significantly to their practical knowledge and cultural understanding, fostering a well-rounded and comprehensive educational experience.

These specialized opportunities are thoughtfully integrated into the program to equip students with cutting-edge knowledge and global perspectives, making them well-prepared to address the evolving challenges and demands of the education sector.