Student Scholarships and Awards

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Programme aims to acknowledge the work of its most meritorious students through various scholarships and awards:

Ms. Lai Wanting

LAI Wanting, Major in Economics.

Excellent Social Sciences Student Award, 2022-23AY


"Being a student in social sciences as well as liberal arts, an essential quality that we should engage in is curiosity about the world and caring for society and the community. Majoring in Economics, I was taught so much about the world from the perspective of economics and politics, psychology, and sociology. I have always wanted to be a person that can do something to change people around me, help the community, and even make this world a better place, using the knowledge that I gain and the tool that I have."

Ms. ZHANG Jingyi

ZHANG Jingyi, Major in Psychology.

Excellent Social Sciences Student Award, 2021-2022AY


"I always believe that the learning of knowledge and ability and the improvement of personal qualities cannot only rely on textbooks and classes, but also on all aspects of campus life. It is under the influence of this understanding that I have been participating in various campus activities throughout my four years of university life, striving to enhance my knowledge and ability in this way, and to put my understanding of the spirit of social science and liberal arts education into concrete practice."

In order to encourage final year students to write a quality Senior Thesis, the Office of Faculty of Social Sciences offers the Best Senior Thesis Award each year. 

Best Senior Thesis Award, 2022-23AY


In AY2022-23, Ms. Cheung Hang Yi and Mr. Tse Siu Lung, Major in Psychology were selected by the Panel for recognizing their achievements for the high quality of Senior Thesis.


Best Senior Thesis Award, 2021-22AY


In AY2021-22, Mr. Kwong Ho Wang, Major in Sociology and Ms. Lam Wing Kiu, Major in Psychology were the Best Senior Thesis awardees.


Best Senior Thesis Award, 2020-21AY


In AY2020-21, Mr. Lee Ting Hin, Major in Psychology and Mr. Sonal Chandra, Major in Economics were the Best Senior Thesis awardees. 

List of available scholarships and awards

Excellent Social Sciences Student Award
Excellent Social Sciences Student Award

Students must have achieved excellent academic performance. In addition, they must exhibit good University and community services record. The Programme Office will invite applications around January each year.

Best Senior Thesis Award
Best Senior Thesis Award


Nominations for the Best Senior Thesis will be made by the Senior Thesis supervisors. There will be a maximum of three awards per year and successful awardees will see their work made available in Lingnan University’s Library collection.

Scholarships coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs
Scholarships coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs


A number of scholarships and prizes are donated by individuals, private organizations, professional bodies and academic departments.

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