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The BSocSc (Hons) Programme provides a mix of specialised and interdisciplinary training that prepares students to face the challenges of a fast-changing global environment.


Programme Aims


  1. To develop and nurture intellectuals and professionals who possess life-long learning abilities, can meet challenges in a fast-changing world, can work at all levels of public and private organizations.

  2. To cultivate among our students a strong sense of professional ethics, moral values, social awareness, and global citizenship.

  3. To nurture in our students a positive attitude to life, an openness to new ideas, strong self-management skills, and the courage to face challenges, adversities and opportunities.

  4. To produce graduates who can take an active role as responsible members of the local as well as the global community, contribute to the welfare of others, and pursue further studies at the postgraduate level.

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Programme is structured with the following learning outcomes in mind:


KNOWLEDGE - Graduates of the programme will be able to:

  • recall, evaluate and apply basic concepts, theories, and issues in the disciplines of Economics, Government and International Affairs, Psychology, Sociology and Social Policy;

  • demonstrate critical understanding of specific and more advanced theories, methodologies, and analyses in their respective Majors,

  • articulate how different economic, social and political issues and phenomena in local and global societies can be analysed from different Social Sciences perspectives.


SKILLS - Graduates of the programme will be able to apply technical and other specific skills (e.g. numerical, linguistic, information technology, research, presentation and writing skills) to:

  • analyse economic, political and social issues and phenomena,

  • evaluate an argument or policy in relation to specific economic, political, psychological and social issues,

  • reflect on and debate a range of social-economic issues from multiple perspectives.


VALUES - Graduates of the programme will exhibit:

  • openness to new ideas and perspectives,

  • the ability to appreciate and articulate the complexity of social life,

  • an informed understanding in both local and global affairs.


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