Student Sharing - Sociology





"Two words immediately appear in my mind: gratefulness and enlightenment. Studying in the Faculty of Social Sciences enlightened me regarding critical thinking, sociological imagination, and research. The faculty members here have been amazing. Especially during the final year project and my MPhil studies, I got various chances to talk to and discuss with different faculty members. Conducting individual research helped me to learn from these experienced professors through direct communication, in addition to lectures and tutorials. These opportunities were invaluable and meaningful to me as someone who endeavoured to engage in academia."


“The Social Sciences Programme at Lingnan University, with its broad-based education, has facilitated my all-round development. I enrolled in three courses that required me to engage in service learning. First, the Gaia School project required me to teach students about scientific knowledge. Second, I interned for Yan Oi Tong Wu Chung District Elderly Community Center, my first ever work experience. Finally, the Jockey Club Project inspired me to think that new technology can make Hong Kong elders more familiar with youngsters and help create a more age-friendly city. These activities were great fun, and I treasure them as an important part of my time as a Lingnan University student.”