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Excellent Social Sciences Student, 2022-23AY  
Graduate in 2022-23AY


"Being a student in social sciences as well as liberal arts, an essential quality that we should engage in is curiosity about the world and caring for society and the community. Majoring in Economics, I was taught so much about the world from the perspective of economics and politics, psychology, and sociology. I have always wanted to be a person that can do something to change people around me, help the community, and even make this world a better place, using the knowledge that I gain and the tool that I have."

"As an economics major student, I was taught the theoretical and practical sides of economics. For example, I have learnt about the theories about the housing market, but my professor also asked me and my fellow students to apply these theories to the current Hong Kong housing market. The Major in Economics also allowed me to explore more from different perspectives; for instance, we covered game theory and financial theory, which allowed me to learn about exciting new economic developments. Besides, as a liberal art college, Lingnan provided different language courses to let me communicate with students from different countries and gain an advantage in my future work."








The Most Distinguished Student of the University Award, 2020-21
The Best Economics Student Award
President Scholarship 2019-20

"Graduation in Lingnan not just with a degree but a ton of wonderful memories, skills, and hunger to dive deeper into the field. As a Social Science student majoring in Economics at Lingnan University, I got exposed to a variety of disciplines not only within Economics but in Social Science in general. This broadened my horizon and equipped me to approach any topic in the field of Economics from a holistic perspective. Moreover, professors in the Faculty of Social Sciences have always been supportive and encouraged me to ask deeper and sharper questions regarding any given subject, which enriched my learning experience at Lingnan and further fuelled my interest in Economics."