Student Sharing - Social and Public Policy Studies




Current Student in 2022-23AY

"The education at Lingnan University enables me to apply what I have learnt to real life. The most eye-catching point for students is the exchange opportunity for most of the students. I can explore the community and cooperate with many community-based projects. The relationship with Professors is encouraging and interactive. They always welcome students to share their difficulties in class and provide timely help. Some Professors will even promote some internship or volunteer programs for students to broaden their horizons. In addition, the small class size learning enables students to have a deeper discussion and understanding, where students get the chance to express and respond to the point of view." 


“I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to study at Lingnan and to gain so much exposure throughout my studies. In the past months, I have been involved in a start-up project to empower Hong Kong youth regarding their employability upon graduation. With the knowledge acquired from my Social Sciences courses, our start-up hopes to prepare more graduates while taking the first steps out of school into the labour market.”










“The liberal arts education at Lingnan offered me a supportive environment to grow as a person while furthering my knowledge and ability. The freedom to choose courses from multi-disciplines and passionate and distinguished professors made my university life fruitful. I was able to look at various social issues rigorously in the real-world context, such as social welfare, ageing and public health. In class, we were always encouraged to have stimulating discussions. Exchanging ideas with my professors and peers helped stretch my mind and strengthen my analytical thinking.

While providing core academic experience, the Faculty of Social Sciences is committed to equipping students with practical skills and a global perspective. My opportunities to participate in the international exchange programme to the United Kingdom and internships in leading companies in Hong Kong were rewarding and eye-opening. They helped me learn from people with diverse backgrounds and greatly enhanced my ability to embrace the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing world. I am very thankful to Lingnan for paving the way to my career in the public service sector.”