Year 3 Entry (Senior Year)

Please observe the following dates for completing the Academic Advising before the Online Course Registration Day. If you fail to do it successfully, you will not be allowed to register courses for Term 1 and Term 2, 2023-24 during Online Course Registration and Add/drop Period.

Important Date for Completing the Academic Advising and Course Registration

Important Date Event

  • For students who receive an offer on or before 17 August

Academic Advising Period

8 – 21 August


Course Registration Day

22 August 2023

  • For other students who receive an offer after 17 August

Academic Advising Period

As soon as possible after the completion of online reporting and before the Course Registration Day. 


Add/drop Period

29 August – 7 September


Steps and notes to complete the “Academic Advising”

  1. Please refer to the Quick Guide for Creating the Study Plan to complete the Academic Advising procedures.
  1. Senior Year students are automatically granted with 60-credits block transfer (20 courses) upon admission. The rest of courses you need to take for graduation are listed in the last column in the following Major Checklist.
  1. Economics
  2. Government and International Affairs
  3. Psychology
  4. Psychology (with Counselling Psychology Concentration)
  5. Social and Public Policy Studies
  6. Sociology
  7. Health and Social Services Management
  8. International Economy and Politics
  1. Students admitted on or before 25 August are pre-assigned/pre-registered with some courses which will be reflected in students’ Degree Works 1 day after Registry updates the courses in the banner system (they are marked in the above Major Checklist).  In case the pre-assigned courses are full and if you have not been assigned the pre-assigned courses at the Degree Works, please input courses, including the CCC and Language courses according to the above checklist into the Study Plan.
  2. The normal study load of a third year full-time student in a term should be in the range of 15 to 18 credits and the maximum study load in an academic year should be 33 credits. 
  3. Before planning the courses in Term 1 and Term 2, to give you more information, please read carefully the Highlighted Points for Course Planning and the Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. Check Term 1 and Term 2 timetable and plan which courses you wish to enroll in each term.
  5. Check the Course Description and Pre-requisite/Restriction Requirements before course planning.
  6. Input and SAVE the courses you plan to enroll in both Terms in the Study Plan (please follow the Quick Guide in item 1). 
  7. Invite your Academic Adviser to review, approve and SAVE your Study Plan.  Otherwise, you are not allowed to register any courses on the Registration Day and/or Add/drop period.
  8. You can approach your Academic Adviser (AA) in person/by email.  Please find the Contact List of AA.


Important Information and University Regulations

  1. The Study Plan at the Degree Works is a PLAN for you to indicate which courses you wish to take in both Terms.  It is a platform for you and your Academic Adviser to monitor your study progress.  It does not guarantee the successful enrolment of the courses except the pre-assigned courses.  Students are required to formally register for courses on the Registration Day, and/or Add Drop period.
  2. The Course Curriculum for 4-year Curriculum is attached for your information.  The 20 credits highlighted in yellow are the courses automatically granted to you upon admission under the 60-credits block transfer.
  3. Late-admitted students who receive an offer after 17 August 2023 and students who miss the Online Registration on 22 August 2023 are required to complete Academic Advising before registering for your courses for Term 1, 2023-24 during the Term 1 Add/drop Period (i.e. 29 August - 7 September 2023).
  4. University Academic Regulations
  5. Other Graduation Requirements