Upgrade of Wi-Fi Infrastructure in Students’ Hostels

The current Wi-Fi infrastructure in the following student halls has been in place for over 7 years in 2021 and will come to the end of its life cycle:

  • William M W Mong Hall and The Bank of East Asia Hall (Hall A)
  • Tsung Tsin Association Hall and Fok Cho Min Hall (Hall B)
  • Chung Shun Hall and Yee Min Hall (Hall C)
  • Lam Woo Hall (Hall D)
  • The Jockey Club Hall (Hall E and F)
  • The Jockey Club New Hall (Hall G and H)
Southern Hostels Northern Hostels
Hall A - D Hall E - H


The aging Wi-Fi infrastructure in those halls is the key reason attributing to its instability and frequent network interruption from time to time.

To improve the situation, the University has successfully applied for a funding from the University Grants Committee (UGC) in July 2020 to upgrade the Wi-Fi infrastructure in the above halls.

In this project, all Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) and related systems in Hall A – H will be upgraded with the latest hardware and modern design. Previously, all APs in Hall A – H were installed in common areas such as corridors. Several bedrooms share an AP for Wi-Fi access. The major problem with this outdated design was the blockage of wireless signal by building structure causing unstable  Wi-Fi access to some locations inside bedrooms.

In the new design, there will be an AP in each bedroom. With this “in-room” design, the blockage of wireless signal could be reduced to a minimum. All student residents could enjoy better Wi-Fi service after the upgrade. To link up all new APs in new locations to the University network infrastructure, relevant cabling system will be also re-deployed.

In Hall G & H, there have been frequent reports of broken LAN outlets and cabling that affect significantly the reception of Wi-Fi signal. In this projects, all the cabling and LAN outlets in Hall G & H will be replaced as well.  The first phase of cabling and wiring work started in April 2021 and  the work has been completed in this summer.

The next phase will be installation of in-room Wi-Fi AP.  Our contractor will go into each room for installation.  ITSC will work with Warden's Office to make reservation with each student.  Detailed arrangement will be announced soon.  With your cooperation, it is hoped the new installation can be completed by the end of 2021.