Feature Enhancement of Zoom Meetings

In the recent update of Zoom, a new feature named "Authentication Exception" has been introduced which allows you to invite indivdual guest speakers without the need of any contractor's account to join a meeting restricted to Lingnan users.

Steps to enable "Authentication Exception" in your meetings:

Sign in to https://lingnan.zoom.us/signin with your Lingnan username and password, click the "Meetings" section and

  • "Schedule a new meeting", or
  • "Edit" your existing meeting


Access to the "Security" section

  1. Enable "Require authentication to join"
  2. Click "Add" next to "Authentication Exception"


In the Authentication Exception list

  1. Click "Add Participant"
  2. Enter the Name (optional) and email address of the guest
  3. Click "Save"

Authentication Exception

An email will be delivered to the guest's email. Click "Join Meeting" in the email to join the meeting without login as a Lingnan user.

Join Meeting

Remark: You cannot assign the guest speaker as an alternative host in meeting settings. To give host control to a guest speaker, you are required to join the meeting as the meeting host and set the guest speaker as host/co-host.