Enhancement to Online Admission System

Since its launch in September 2020, the re-developed Online Admission System (OAS) has served more than 35 programmes of different levels on collecting applications for admission to Lingnan University. The configuration-based approach in system design proved to be invaluable in supporting the rapid development of new Taught Postgraduate Programmes such as Master of Arts in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, and Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Social Science.

ITSC has made continuous system improvements throughout the year to further enrich the user experience and ease the overall admission process. One core feature is the online offer acceptance module which allows applicants to make deposit payment, and accept admission offer online via the system. This feature will initially be enabled for applicants applying for the Mainland JEE Admission, with plan to extend it to other programmes after further development.

Additionally, with its modern interface and flexible configuration capability, OAS was also adopted by LIFE to handle the online application process for their sub-degree programmes from the start of 2021. ITSC has been working closely with LIFE for the transition to the new system, and has begun the online application process for the Diploma Yi Jin programme.