New Alumni E-mail Account Policy



E-mail accounts, once compromised, can easily leak private and confidential information and can be controlled by hackers to spread spam mails, malware, phishing attacks and even illegal activities. Protecting e-mail accounts is increasingly crucial in cybersecurity.


The alumni e-mail account that is offered to every University graduate upon graduation should also be properly protected. In the past, there are cases of unattended alumni e-mail accounts being cracked by hackers for sending junk mails to others. University has recently endorsed a revision in the Information Security Policy to enhance the protection of the alumni e-mail accounts. The new policy requires all alumni to renew their e-mail accounts every 2 years with just a few simple steps.


The first Alumni e-mail account renewal exercise was conducted between 7 April 2021 to 19 May 2021. Those accounts without response to the renewal requests were protected by disabling the account until ITSC receives the reactivation request.