Message from CIO and University Librarian

Welcome back all staff and students to school.  I am delighted to see hundreds of new postgraduates together with our colleagues gathering at the Chan Tak Tai Auditorium for the briefing session on August 30. 

CIO Louisa Lam  CIO Louisa Lam

With more effective control of the COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the University decided to revert back to face-to-face teaching.  It is the first time in 2 years I saw a busier campus filled with our young and energetic students coming back.  ITSC staff are well prepared to welcome our new students and staff.  We have improved our campus facilities such as completion of the upgrade of the Sin Cho Ming Function Hall and enhancement of the support of classroom facilities to support online and hybrid teaching.  In this academic year, a new offsite campus at Jao Tsung I Academy in Mei Foo has been available for some TPG programs.  ITSC staff keeps on our Can-Do spirit to help setup all the IT and AV system within a very short period of time.

Besides improving campus facilities, you will see in this newsletter the new systems ITSC staff has helped academic and administrative units develop to assist the learning journey of students. These include a new PASSWORD Test Booking System to do the PASSWORD Test as part of the English Language requirements, enhancement of the Online Admission System and its extension to support LIFE's academic programs, a new term-end CTLE Administrative System and online access to CTLE results by students so as to streamline the operations of CTLE.  An incentive is also developed to encourage early completion of the CTLE survey.  The LU Mobile again serves as your continuous engagement with the campus by introducing a new section for the School fo Graduate Studies and New Student Orientation 2021.  The Banner System is continuously improved by enabling one single cohort of students to do add-drop online.  We have also introduced a new Network Access Control measures to tighten the security of hostel wired network.  The upgrade of the Wi-Fi system for 8 hostels has also started in summer and hopefully it will be completed in the end of 2021. By that time, all campus hostel students should be able to enjoy the higher speed of Wi-Fi 6 whose performance is similar to 5G.


All these are done with a single purpose in mind: to provide a cozy, comfortable, and secure learning environment for all students by leveraging the latest technology. In this process, your voice is important to us.  Please relay your feedback to our services and facilities by all means.  We will attend your comments with top priority.